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Wednesday, 9 February 2005
Senior Skip Day
Today was Senior Skip Day and I went down to Bear Creak after leaving Sean John's house. I was hoping to catch a glimpse of Bam and his crew that I heard were staying there for 3 or so nights. I had to see this my self. Yesterday a friend told me they had been sking\boarding naked, but thank god they were wearing clothing today. They had a stage in the middle of 2 snow tubbing lanes with Clutch playing and a "MoonBouncer" (one of those blow-up things that are at fairs and at 10 year old birthday parties) at the top of the hill. The first person I saw was Phill, whom was getting hit with snowballs. I also saw Bam, Rabb Himself, Ape, and Ryan Dunn. I caught a pic of the Moonbouncer thingy as they rode in it down the slope, passing the stage.
When we were leaving I saw Rake Yohn and talked to him. 
Later in the parking lot I also got a pic of Bam's Hummer
and Ape's PT Cruser